Stanford Lytro Light Field Archive

Dataset of Lytro Illum images by Abhilash Sunder Raj, Michael Lowney, Raj Shah, and Gordon Wetzstein, released Oct 2016


This dataset was created using the Lytro Illum camera. The images are organized into various categories that may be interesting to researchers working with light field images. Each category consists of images and the corresponding "RAW" (decoded Lytro ESLF) files. We have also included the depth maps and the metadata extracted using the commmand line tool from Lytro. This database is created by Abhilash Sunder Raj, Michael Lowney and Raj Shah with the help of Prof. Gordon Wetzstein from Stanford University.

Light-Field Imaging

Light Field cameras have the ability capture light in 4D, encoding both the position and direciton of light rays striking the sensor. This gives the user the ability to refocus and shift the view point of the image. Light Fields have a wide range of potential applications from computer vision to virtual reality. Currently there are very few light field images available publicly to researchers. Our goal was to create a dataset of natural images that would contain interesting scenes for others to use.

Light-Field Images

The collection of light field images is divided into 9 different categories. Each category consists of the processed images with the corresponding depth maps obtained from a command line tool provided by Lytro. The images can be downloaded by clicking on the link on top of each image. The metadata for each image is also provided. To browse through category click on the links below:


To download all data for each category at once, click on the links below:

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